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Above, Parisot teaches at his home studio in the 1970s


Left, he introduces Mstislav Rostropovich to students at Yale

"He is among those few who are responsible for the incredible progress in cello playing and appreciation for our instrument. He was a top-notch performer until he decided to concentrate on teaching. We coincide in our beliefs about technical and musical aspects of playing the cello. He is a giant of our art and I treasure his friendship and admire his contributions to music." 

"I consider Aldo the best cello teacher

of our time."  Janos Starker


Aldo Parisot is acknowledged as one of the greatest teachers of cello, and over the years hundreds - perhaps thousands - of students have travelled from around the world to study with him at The Yale School of Music or to work with him in his numerous master classes in America, Europe, Asia, and South America.


Parisot's extraordinary qualities as a teacher were explored in a 2009 New York Times article by Ralph Kirshbaum, one of Parisot's best-known students. "As I was fortunate to discover in four stimulating years of study with Mr. Parisot, he is full of contrast but not contradiction: quiet yet bold in his pronouncements; flexible yet demanding; conservative in dress and palate ...yet liberal in musical phrasing and color; intolerant of any perceived injustice yet embracing of individuals irrespective of race, creed, color or nationality." Read the entire article, "Cello Teacher With a License to Dazzle," here.



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