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Vincent Oneppo

Administrator, Yale School of Music 1982-91, 1998-2011

I can add very little new to the tributes provided here and elsewhere for Aldo Parisot, as I was neither his cello student nor a musical colleague. 

But that is not to say he was not my teacher. It is difficult to put into words what he inspired in me, but he surely was a very great influence. What comes to mind is his passion for living as an artist, his cultivation of each student's unique gifts, his incredible generosity, respect for the music and the process of mastering it, and the importance of being attentive to the smallest detail in bringing every note to life. And, of course, the importance of color, both literal and metaphorical.

As producer of Yale Cellos concerts over many years, my fondest memory is witnessing the special connection he had with the students in the ensemble. As they looked to him on stage, you saw on their faces the admiration, respect, gratitude, reverence, and, of course, love they have for their great teacher. It brought a special joy to me, and it is what brought audiences back every year to a packed Sprague Hall.

I was not his student, nor was I a colleague, but I am deeply honored that he called me his friend.

Happy Birthday, Aldo

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