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Dearest Mr. Parisot,


Twenty-six years ago, Mr. Parisot, you entered my life. You took me under your wing, and you have never let go since,

treating me like your own son.


From then on, 

You opened my eyes.

You opened my ears,

You opened my mind,

You woke me up from a deep unconscious slumber.

You made me think and question everything.

You made me laugh whenever I didn't feel well.

Most recently, we were talking about my father, and you asked me how old he was. I said: "He is 82 years old.", to which you replied, "82?! - He is still an infant!"

You scolded me, molded me, and told me what music and life is all about.


I cannot express in words the gratitude I feel towards you. The gratitude for your sharing the immensity of your wisdom, your knowledge, your extraordinary life, and most importantly, your infinite unconditional love.

Ole Akahoshi

Assistant Professor of Cello, Yale School of Music

It is impossible to even attempt to pay back a fraction of what you have given me.

The only thing I can do is - and I am sure I am speaking on behalf of all of your students gathered here and around the world - to pass on what you have bestowed upon us to the next generation of cellists and musicians to the best of our ability.


The last twenty-six years have been an awe-inspiring journey under your guidance.

I am humbled to call you my father, cello teacher, life coach, guru, and most revered friend. You treat me like your own son, and I know that to you, all of your students are your sons and daughters. I just didn't realize that I had this many brothers and sisters.


This is a wonderful family reunion. Today is a special day celebrating an extraordinary human-being - 

Mr. Parisot, Thank you!


With love and admiration,


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