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Frank Tirro

Professor Emeritus and Former DeanYale University School of Music

Dearest Aldo,

     I cannot express how sad I am that my health prevents me from attending the celebration of your retirement after so many distinguished years of teaching in the Yale University School of Music.  Many of my most treasured memories are those where we shared the stage to perform together—our concert on the tour as far West as Lincoln, Nebraska in 1988 with Elizabeth on piano, our performance of the Brahms Clarinet Quintette with Syoko Aki and Jesse Levine in 1985.  And though I made two trips to China to encourage them to have their conservatory students, especially their best string players, apply for admission to the Yale University School of Music, it was you who first visited China and told me about their musical riches and encouraged me to go.

    Many times I visited your home, almost always you were painting, and I can never thank you enough for the superb painting you gave me which hangs proudly in our living room.  It reminds me of Brazil, where we also spent many glorious moments together.

    May blessings always abound for you,

         Your friend forever,

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